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Samsung voice Assistant will work in all apps native Galaxy S8

Asistente de voz

This news surely that not you like nothing to the great G, mostly by enter in conflict with his own Assistant virtual to which know as Google Assistant and that is going to convert in one of them axes Central of Android for them next years. The Korean manufacturer does not want to be left behind in the race for virtual attendees, so incorporates its own harvest in your Galaxy S8.

Samsung is preparing that not you are missing of nothing to the Galaxy S8 so is a tremendous success, and if already in November emerged the rumor that suggested that Samsung would integrate its own Assistant personal in your next device of range high, now have another new that comes from SamMobile that suggests that “Bixby” will be capable of control all them apps integrated in the Galaxy S8.

In if it is not a big surprise because we’ve already seen it integrated into Google Assistant or the same Siri’s Apple, but the conflict of interest between Google and Samsung will be big enough first of all open space that is the virtual assistance and why Google is betting on strong; would be speaking of the field in which Google Home is displayed, so we will see as just all this.

The report also suggests that Bixby will work thanks to Viv artificial intelligence software, acquired by Samsung company makes a few weeks and that he has been working on integrating these services into Bixby since the acquisition was completed.

As extra, Bixby would work with apps native, so Samsung would be updating their apps with a new interface to create a design uniform. As regards to the interface, Samsung will create a visible status bar at all times, which would make it easier to access notifications and quick adjustments.

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