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Samsung will announce the cause of the explosions of the Note 7 to end of year

Note 7

In the year which could have meant the jump to power with the S7 Galaxy edge and Note 7, Samsung has been almost stamped against a wall almost created if itself, to expect that we can know the real reasons for these devices is burned to the amazement of the crowd that appointment could be in store for smartphones in which a client was is the hands to the mouth while your next phone almost exploded. A dream of terror which Korean in 2016 manufacturer will leave behind to make another year in 2017.

It will also Save backs give the reason why you had to do the recall of Note 7 in September. I say keep the backs because at the end of the year we will know the whys for that Note 7 burned and we will quickly forget when we are taking the grapes and go into the new year. Samsung has very well chosen that date to leave that issue settled and that remain depressed forever in this year that is little less than a month and a few days. That Yes, hope that not is convert in a Titanic, and give them reasons real for that dream of terror lived.

The importance for the future of Samsung

While we know that right now Samsung Electronics is discussing its future for the future, to split in two and thus enhance more your wing of smartphones, the ship logo right now from this manufacturer, from the Korean media are several reports that Samsung it will make public its investigations on the reason for the combustion of Note 7.


They have been quite skilled to choose later this year to explain the reason why mysteriously Galaxy Note 7 burned to the astonishment of the users who were quietly in their homes. They want to give for infringing this topic to let free rein to a Galaxy S8 that suggests ways and to step back from the Galaxy S6 and S7 in several ways; at least if are certain those rumors that indicate that would be before a terminal that it will take all. Said this, the Note 7 was a terminal that it had all, and only there to observe what took place. Touch wood of the good offices of Samsung when launched it.

Soon the drama behind, is better

Having the Galaxy S8 for the month of February, the MWC will take place at the end, Samsung wants to stop all the clean space that the launch be as pristine as possible. Sooner leave behind the drama happened in 2016, it will be more easy sell to the new Galaxy S8.


The words given by the spokesman of Samsung are as follows:

We are considering all the possibilities for find it cause exact of them accidents.

It true is that these words even us leave more with the doubt, but assume that will be still confirming the reason real for those terminals is burned of form strange and without know the why. And more, if to the take decisions fast after it happened, relentlessly in a serious error with units that were replaced to them burned, that for more inri, had the same problem.

It is important to know the reason for which is not again to repeat the incident, since it would be the settlement for this company that has earned Android for what it is today, so we hope that at the end of the year already we can take the grapes perfectly knowing the error that led to this mess of launch and the cessation of production of the , at first, was going to be one of the best Android smartphones ever made.

They have one month to complete the investigations and publish the results of the same, so the expectation is even greater to know what really happened.

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