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Samsung would release a phone with a flexible display in 2017

Samsung pantalla flexible

We have had some news about the new smartphone Galaxy X Samsung that would arrive in the coming year to test the ability of the flexible screens or folding. The edge of several of its high-end versions also had part of an experiment to verify the reception of other smartphone with a screen with the sides curved.

And has been since the CES 2013 in which Samsung has been launching rumors about a phone with this type of flexible display from the show technology. But it is now when the Korean manufacturer could reveal the phone in the next Mobile World Congress. Two models would be that would have this kind of technology, a smartphone with 5-inch screen that can be converted into an 8-inch tablet.

Devices would use diodes emitting organic light and could be shown at the beginning of 2017. There is little information that is due to the fact that remains private. The second model of Samsung would have this 5-inch screen when it is used as a mobile, but could be converted into a larger device dimensions to deploy a similar to a tablet up to 8 inch screen.

Are you has referred to as “Project Valley”, and the Korean manufacturer would be ready to reveal one or two of the devices for the month of February, when the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. This project already some news that another has been known last year. It is worth mentioning that this phone would not be the first to have a flexible AMOLED display, Samsung already uses this technology on phones edge. The difference is that the screen edge is solid, while the Valley Project has the option to be malleable.

An interesting proposal which we will have to see if it finally reaches port.

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