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Science fiction and the Wild West mingle in the large Space Marshals 2

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Pixelbite is one of those studies that has demonstrated its worth in these years last thanks to the series Reckless Racing that us allows take ones split well fun in a simulator of cars with view overhead in which have to the circuit before us and have that driving the car of it form more fast possible. This series of games more Xenowerk, have framed to Pixelbite as one of them studies that greater quality knows add to their titles, by what whenever publishing one new in the Google Play Store, are attentive to them to make the review or analysis by these lines in Androidsis.

It has now launched in the form of unpublished beta Space Marshals 2 Google Play store. A video game that is characterized by have an appearance visual very striking with a 3D well special and that comes to the level of those titles of consoles more hot. Space Marshals 2 also takes us to the science fiction and the Wild West to merge in a very funny way, since these two “worlds” are combined very well as we find in this new title from Frostbite. But does not live only in graphics, but rather Space Marshals also knows how to demonstrate that in the stealth and the selection of our victims, will be the recipe for the final victory. Let’s take a look at the details and qualities of this care game for Android.

Combat tactical to a videogame exquisite in it visual

This mixture of Wild West and pure science fictionadventure, takes us to a shooter with isometric view, in which we will have to take the secrecy as one of our favorite weapons. Vale that we can stand up and put us on plan Rambo, but surely we are going to suffer rather than taking that path more to the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, in which we will take to our victims in their back to get rid of them in a heartbeat.

Space Marshals 2

It won’t be all stealth, but that we will have to know how to use tactical to infiltrate us attacks by facilities enemy and know as well to deal with all those enemies that we should dissect. Can use the environment to your favor and take positions defensive to protect you from the fire enemy. Therefore you will find all kinds of war weapons from what are drones, turrets, proximity mines, grenades and much more.

20 missions await you

Although they may seem few missions at first, each of them is designed by hand so you can enjoy them much. This means that you immerse in all an adventure frantic in which the touch and choose well the next movement will mean the difference between the defeat and the victory. Therefore you well to explore all these facilities and you are finding all those weapons that will allow you to succeed in certain moments a bit.

Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2 has more than 70 different weapons and multiple factions that fight, so expect a stealthy action game in which you have to know what is the way of attacking the enemy at all times. This couple you dual controls stick and an exquisite touch at the visual aspect, we have one of the best of the year in these games that we can call console.

Space Marshals 2

Right now it is in beta phase in the Google Play Store, which means that it is not published, but you can install it on your Android to so know what I’m talking about. A game to enjoy it really and he already should be installing it.

Technical quality

Space Marshals 2

The technical quality is breathtaking and all those shadows, lighting, atmospheric effects, explosions and animations take us to a game that close to perfection. If to this we add its ability to engage us in the stealthy and not become one Rambo more, we have lots of play for long time.

Opinion of the editor


  • Greatness in the visual and all his technical section
  • Game console
  • 20 levels created in shape craft


  • It is not yet published

Download application

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