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See Sweek, a new platform to connect authors and writers to the Wattpad


In the world of digital publishing, there are several actors that have completely changed the model in the industry. KPD from Amazon has opened up an ocean of possibilities to thousands of authors for the theming; Kobo, another of the popular, has been able to open up the global market to produce and sell ebooks in almost all languages; and Wattpad, which has rethought the whole concept in the way that a story can be published to give the same space in which to connect to authors and readers and follows the same process of writing and development of both a short story and a novel.

These different actors do not occupy all the space, by what is still a site for alternatives, apart from the fact that we really know what will be the next models of the future for the publication. Now enters Sweek directly to scene to make things difficult for Watppad, the platform par excellence for authors and readers connect with millions of users around the world. Sweek has enough similarities in the visual and operates quite like is that all the honours in this type of platforms and apps, although this does not mean that does not go looking for their own space. Apart from the web, also has an app for Android.

What is Sweek?

Sweek is a platform that mainly allows authors to create and launch stories through an app for Android and that connects to the readers so that they can discover new writers, follow the work of those that have enjoyed their publications, sharing the content discovered through the most popular social media channels and much more. The idea of the company is that its model applies both to short stories like those largest in reading novels.


It is this same so Sweek seeks authors and readers to increase the community that has to be created. It will cost you to get the millions which has Wattpad, but presents itself as an interesting alternative. We also have to see how it evolves to find their own space, as from Mybestseller, the company of theming which has launched this platform, cries out that they have released something that had not been done previously.

Sweek has its own app for Android and your web space where you can create an own account or sign in with Facebook credentials. Already depend on you choose one option or the other, but to know quickly that this platform will, with Facebook you are ready to start even to write.

Android app

Sweek has an app for Android, well designed and that it relies on Material Design to bring us all its nooks and spaces. After you sign in with Facebook or a registered account, access the main screen from which we have at our disposal four tabs: “Popular”, “Featured authors”, “undiscovered” and “Categories”. Eyelashes are on par than other types of apps and services with readings most read for “Popular” or most read from the following authors. The categories we can access from classics, crime and mystery, education and teaching or fantastic among many others.


If we go to the reading of any available work, access a screen that contains a bottom bar that allows you to give to the like, follow the author or share on other apps or networks. If we explore the reading, that shortcut bar disappears to discover the details of reading that we’re about to get.

To be early is that they will introduce Hispanic authors to access more readings in our language. That Yes, the app is translated perfectly into Spanish, so it will be a matter of time. Finally we have options from the settings to choose which languages we want to read, edit profile and some more detail. From this panel you can also access your authors and favorite stories and becomes almost the central axis for the user.

You have it available for free on Android, while waiting for the version of iOS is released soon.

Download: Sweek (Free, Google Play) →

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