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Seeps the ROM Android 7.0 for Huawei P9 beta

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We tend to be accustomed to having to wait weeks and months to get updates of new and large version of Android to the terminals from different manufacturers. Some of which have been advanced to those dates has been Sony who under the concept of the Xperia Z3 has been able to publish updates before other manufacturers, but as of today you can change certain aspects that we already had as a preset.

Yesterday, at XDA Forums, it cried out from a post that a beta version of Android 7.0 was installed on the phone he wrote those words. A great surprise for an update which usually reach the weeks that appears a new version such as Nougat. But is that, in this case, even users who have flashed the ROM say that it is fully functional and legitimate, even has version 5.0 of EMUI.

Having EMUI version 5.0, it would be before renewal of the custom coating of Huawei, which said a month ago that major changes would be to move closer to a pure version of Android and so away criticism by its similar with IOS.

The build posted on XDA can be flashed on a Huawei P9 stock, with the locked bootloader and ROOT through the Dload Huawei tool. It seems to be an update, not a full Flash system file. And is it seems that Huawei software developers are working directly with the open code available on AOSP source. Which means nothing more than they should upgrade to the final version once Nougat is published permanently.

The problems encountered are related to the Play Store and the Amazon Appstore. The links that are in the post published on XDA Forums seem to be overloaded, but if it is Andreu by the posts published by users, copies can be found on other servers. Remember that, if you put a flash software that has not been made public, may lead that updates will not receive OTA. However, users have been able to go back to a previous version with a full wipe.

The link to the XDA

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