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Sells shares of bags and become rich in the big Rainmaker: trade stock

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This week we have known the list of 30 games that become part of the first festival of indie games which held Google coming. In this way, it will try to encourage the development of more games to give with this festival to those indie developers seeking new formulas, new graphic styles and gameplays that get hooked millions of players. It is a good way to make themselves known, so, if you’re one of these developers, not evenings in search that festival so that, in the next, you can publish your game and passing through the trial of Google to consider take it.

We have a good variety of games that have to do with that is to get rich. Those in which we must go update our farm to earn more money as it is the case with the great Egg, Inc. And just like that, now we have another that even takes the gameplay to the next level to really discover it as a well-original game: Rainmaker: trading stock. This game brings us direct to what must feel a broker when he has to buy and sell shares of stock exchange when the market opened and the same prices fluctuate in a crazy way. Is here where the rhythm of Rainmaker will try to mark you another form of approximate you to this type of games. If you thought that the profession of broker was easy, get ready to Rainmaker: trading stock.

It sells and buys shares of companies most publicly traded

The moment we start heading almost put us squarely in the madness which means the profession of broker. We have a value for a given X company that will begin to change their price according to open market. This means that, at the time that you make a push, you determine a sale, so, if you see that the scale of the price begins to rise in a matter of tenths of a second, pressing to sell shares again. So you have to do until you close the market and you’ve got the final loot.


Done, it will ask you which is the company that you believe that you have been helping to sell and buy shares in stock market. The first you’ll find will be Apple, to make the second Alphabet. You will be offered a range of data that you can try to guess that company it is, so it would not wrong you were aware of the fluctuation of prices on stock exchange of these large companies.

So we have a game that is presented as the best way to experience what is the bag itself and stock market trade of the best companies in the world markets. You can win millions and billions in transactions and compete and compare your strategy against your friends.

30 seconds that decide sales and purchases

In 30 seconds you have to go to deciding various purchases and sales. Logically, how much greater value take action, get more money, something that will be on the opposite side if so were you sell it when its value is lower.


The truth that is pretty fun continuous those 30 seconds of stress where the right to sell your shares is not easy and sometimes you will find that the value taken a few peaks which already we would like to have the exact precision to sell shares at that point.

Rainmaker is notable for the wide variety of companies listed on global stock exchanges, you can double the stakes, net investments and transactions, and will be able to compete and share your information with your friends on Facebook. Also can look them statistics and look at the information of the company with which have traded.

A great game that is free from the Google Play Store with typical micropayments.

Technical quality


This game is notable for its successful visual language with a good range of colours, is translated into the Spanish and has a well pleasant interface that will allow you to focus on those purchases and sales. A special game and we can not find any similar Google Play store.

Opinion of the editor


  • Original
  • Successful in the visual language
  • Makes it you feel what it is to be a broker


  • Nothing

Download application

Download: Rainmaker: Trading stock (+, Google Play Free) →

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