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Sennheiser and Samsung Android devices take the 3D audio


A prestigious company of German origin, Sennheiser is collaborating with the South Korean Samsung for Android smartphones Ambeo Android, 3D audio technology enabling us to listen to music and video feeling the experience of listening to in real life.

It’s called ‘binaural audio’, some of which have even heard very little, and that is that it will be compatible with all Android devices, and not only with those manufactured by Samsung. But, what exactly is this 3D audio?

The 3D audio walks to Android

At the beginning of this year, coinciding with the CES 2017, the firm Sennheiser announced the headphones Ambeo Smart Surround, capable of carrying an three-dimensional audio experience to our ears. However, at the moment they are only compatible with Apple’s iPhone. Despite this, the company wants to bring this experience to all users and to this goal, already working in collaboration with Samsung, as Andreas Sennheiser, CEO of the company, told the newspaper The Korea Herald.

This three dimensional or binaural audio is, broadly speaking, as an experience of virtual reality image applied to the audio. For example, if you close your eyes and ask a friend to move around the room in which you meet at the same time that you speak, you will be able to identify the location of the room in which it is located. This is due to the brain and ears to work as a team to identify three important aspects: the volume, ringer and the time of arrival. If something happens to your right, first the right ear listens to it, and a minimum fraction of time later the left; does it the brain detects and processes this information and so we know where the sound comes from.

Well, this is the experience of 3d audio that we talk about and which is intended more for recording audio, reason by which the headphones Ambeo Smart Surround, which we see in the image above include some special microphones.

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