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Share apps, video games, books, and more with up to 6 people with Google Play Family

Google Play Family

Them plans in group are an of them best offers that is can perform for between some colleagues can pay less by the subscription monthly of Spotify if access to it through them plans for families. It is the best way to access the best multimedia content, in this case songs, thus not having to find other less legal ways. Were waiting for that this offer came finally to the Google Play Store for so to distribute all the content that can buy from that store so special.

We have already heard that Google was preparing to offer the ability to share multimedia content purchased from Google Play as well the members of a family to have all same purchased apps. He has been in yesterday, makes a few hours, when Google Play Family has begun to be deployed in several regions in the world.

Google Play Family is designed so that you can share apps, video games, movies and books up to six people in total. It does not include music, since it would need to have Play Music Family plan, so there are some restrictions. But what really interests us is that these apps and video games purchased can be downloaded by anyone who is in this group of members who will have access to great content.

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The Manager of the plan family can Configure a unique source of payments from which anyone can buy content. By default, users who are 13 – 17 years will need approval for any purchase, and over the age of 18 only for purchases within the application. Anyway, any user can use their own methods of payment if they wish, participate in Google Play Family is how to access a few extras.

Any app and video game that has been acquired from the 2 of July of this year, will be added automatically to the library’s Play Family, although is can choose that some apps not appear if so is wants. Another of its advantages is that the content shared with the members of the family that are low iOS, also may access to the.

Google Play Family is available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States. From the official website you can access plan and add to the family.

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