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SHAZAM adds the icon “Auto Shazam” to the settings fast in Android 7.0 Nougat

Auto Shazam

The icons customized Quick Settings appeared in Android N Developer Preview a few months ago only thing think that they have not been many apps from third parties that have integrated this peculiar icon. A great facet of Nougat that us allows access to some of the features more interesting of all those apps that usually use to day of today.

Now is Shazam, which has added one called “Auto Shazam” and will be of great help for which have great predilection for the music. Just those that is pass keeping those songs that “listen” and that thanks to the feature of Auto Shazam, allows that can forget us of be by pressing the icon main of the app when it launched to save a song.

Auto Shazam, when enabled, simply active Shazam in the background so that can identify those songs without having to open the app. One of its greatest features is that you need or that the screen is active. In Nougat you can open the notifications, access settings fast, click on edit and bring Auto Shazam icon in the location where you come best so activate it or deactivate it whenever you like.

When Auto Shazam is active, you will know it by the persistent notification which is in the status bar. Whenever Shazam see or identify a new song, will be notified of this to decide if the like save in that list that is synchronized between all them devices that have. This was one of the latest most striking features that included one of those updates coming throughout the year.

A pretty interesting icon that we will wait at the time that our terminals are updated to Nougat. Another of those reasons to wait to this new version of Android.

Download: SHAZAM (Free, Google Play) →

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