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SHAZAM finally is profitable after passing the 1,000 million of downloads


SHAZAM is the best way to go “hunting” all those songs we hear when we are in the waiting room of the dentist, we will in the car on BlaBlaCar or mismamente when we went out with our friends and discovered a new theme that we will already have always ready at any of the devices that you have installed this application.

If makes two days included the icon in settings fast to “Auto Shazam”, now we have another great news that us indicates that le is a great future to this service. Apart from passing 1,000 million of downloads recently, has announced that it is profitable thanks to a new approach in advertising sales and other digital music sales from commissions.

If this news is positive, it is that we continue to have this trouble-free service, something quite different from what is happening to SoundCloud, another of the musical category, which sees them to be able to monetize.

The CEO of Shazam has said to Wall Street Journal that the company is sending 1 million of clicks daily to services of streaming as Spotify, Apple Music and others that pay by that traffic and conversions when is makes a purchase. But in advertising which has become the main source for Shazam.

The advertising in Shazam is displayed while them users scan their environment to identify a song and another type of media as shows television. The advertising that is shows even sometimes not has nothing to see with the music. Another of them reasons for is convert in profitable is in agreements with other manufacturers of apps and platforms of social media that it have directed to be near them users.

A Shazam who has managed to get out of that peak competition it faced SoundHound, MusicMatch or own recognition technology that Google, Facebook and Amazon.

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