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Shootout in Mushroom Land is a crazy platforms that have a huge time

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Within less than we think we will have around Mario in the Super Mario Run that was one of the stars of the Apple keynote where he presented the iPhone 7. Nintendo presented it as exclusively for iOS, but this exclusivity will only be for a certain time. After which, we will give crazy jumps with the great Mario in an endless runner that bring everything he has done so famous one of the most legendary figures in the history of video games. I guess it won’t be only Nintendo bet to bring any of its iconic characters, so is the great Mario which opens the way for follow Yossi, Zelda and much more. We are eager to.

While, we can go entertain us with a fun game well crazy that is called Shootout in Mushroom Land. I recommend this title because it has some similar to the gameplay of those games starring Mario, such as jumping on the top of the enemies or the use of the head to stick to the platforms and of them arise those special powers. The history of the game leads to Ben of the Team Hot Guns that has the mission to locate and secure the legendary money tree. With this history bombastic and a special character, we will face to a fun and agile platforms.

Jumps and see the form of passing to the next platform

This game called Shootout in Mushroom Land, is one that is based in a history a little crazy to carry us to weapons, helmets, grenades and jetpacks with which will have that exit graceful of them different difficulties that have devised the team of design of this video game. We will be passing a small tutorial at the beginning showing us some of the skills of Ben as he is the ability to wear a costume that gives some immunity to crush those enemies when you jump over them, or those helmets which can give a few good hits platforms to get them those weapons that will enable us to continue the level.

Shootout in Mushroom land

Is a game in which the error us will allow know out of that trap, so a bit of patience and try all the options possible, since many times you will be blocked. Here he also drinks the source of inspiration that has always meant Mario on those special Nintendo titles.

It uses all kinds of weapons in your favor

The number of cartridges in your favor is that wanted to, so you have to use them properly to exploit those wood boxes, or take off in the middle of those heavy enemies who do not seek another way that you finish the game. This game has designed the levels of a way that can get that pairs of play, or you hooves of form irreparable, so are warned of before hand.

Shootout in mushroom land

Will be soon updated with more levels and content, so for a game that is available for free without micropayments or advertising, it is more than interesting that the developer expects to deploy those updates. That doesn’t mean that at some point you decide to put some kind of compensation in order to monetize the effort involved will develop it and integrate these updates that are more content to be played.

Shootout in Mushroom Land is a casual platformer with retro style that is well done and that their installation is more than recommended.

Quality technical

A game that takes advantage of the retro and the pixel to show that the developer knows very well what it does when it has designed these characters, enemies, environments and provided with the appropriate key to address us a good platform. If you are looking for something crazy and with Mario-style performance, don’t miss that you have it in front of yours.

Opinion of the editor


  • Pixel retro well successful
  • The madness of some of its aspects


  • You can stay locked in a level very easily

Download application

Download: Shootout in Mushroom Land (Free, Google Play) →

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