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Sideline, an app to not use your real number

Sideline es una app que te permitirá utilizar un número no real

Every day we are more aware of the need to preserve our privacy to the greatest extent possible. For this, there is that take numerous measures, as for example regular the use that you give to them networks social, ensure us of that use apps that coded our data, not give many of these data private e, even, not use our number of phone real.

For this last there are several applications, as for example that you are going to introduce now: Sideline. Is is of an app free (although also with version of payment) that us will allow have a second number of phone without have that hire another line, something that us can come useful in many more circumstances of which one might expect, because not always there is need of give our number real.

Sideline is an app that creates a second phone number, without added cost. This phone number you will use the same network as your carrier, so the cost of calls and text messages will be the usual. The minutes if you have a fee of this kind can also be shared (which is the most common today), as well as being able to configure parameters such as the call, answering machine message forwarding, identifiers of incoming call, etc…

For what can be wanting a user not given real number? Thus for example, for any purchase sale second hand (item very fashionable today) or for a small business like. Or simply, to separate our personal private life, even though most users turn to this app (or other similar) to find a temporary number and not for anything long term.

As we say at the beginning, this application has a paid version, Sideline Pro, which for a monthly cost of the subscription type offers certain advantages, in addition to removing the advertising. For example, allows you to make calls via Wi-Fi and also keep enabled the number in the event that we are not using it, as beyond thirty days without use the application retrieves the numbers.

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