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Skype is updated with calls and mail of voice enhanced


The next day that we may be using video calls on WhatsApp, one of its rivals, Microsoft Skype, has taken the time to update their app for both Android and iOS. A quite difficult situation which presents him to Skype, the par excellence for video calling app, since opposite will have a very powerful rival for the popularity that holds to this day.

Nor is that WhatsApp it go to have very easy, because Skype nor is has remained quiescent and has released some improvements, not so striking as it included yesterday by WhatsApp, but that is offering a best service, as occurs with the new update. Skype has announced that it is updating the app from Android and iOS with improvements for calls and voice mail.

Also said that calls by voice would imply problems for other services that already offer them, although not all are the ones that use it as he was presumably intended. So we’ll see where shots go with video calls.

By what regard to the update of Skype, when the person that starts a call, not is cut if the host leaves the same. Also, the tab of calls of phones is has become in the of “calls” and collects in she all them types of calls that are made, both video calls as of audio.

Another of their new features allows you to leave video messages instead of the more traditional voicemail. Anyway, users shall take an option to leave a message of simple voice, which removes from the midst of email notifications and transcriptions of SMS messages that will no longer be available.

These improvements will come in the following days for the app of Android and the of iOS for them next days u hours.

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