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Skype now allows you to share files until 300MB


Exactly 1 month ago we had a big update from Skype on Android for the interface that have had the iPad for months. This allows to take advantage of best way to great space which has an Android tablet for thus several actions can perform at the same time in one of the apps that offer better user experience for chat, audio and video calls.

Now Microsoft has updated Skype again with some good striking new features. The most important of all is that the online voice and video calling service now allows you to share files, photos, documents and videos up to 300 MB in size with friends and groups. A striking feature to transfer files through this app that you can even do it offline or offline.

Microsoft has finally decided to put this limit in download to test different limits to share files and according to these tests, added that more than 300 MB. It expects that users do not have problems to even share those videos that have made in these holiday dates.

And another of its greatest virtues is that by sharing these files, if the receiver is for offline, when it will be available on Skype, may start with the download of this video immediately. It has also included the possibility of downloading the same file multiple times on different devices for so play it from where you want to.

And for those who want to send files larger than this limit of 300 MB, OneDrive is an option to share photos, videos and documents with the contacts that you have, since this Microsoft service allows up to 5 GB of storage free for local synchronization and collaboratively with Office apps.

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