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Smart Launcher Pro 3 on offer for only €0.10

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It is difficult to switch to another launcher that Nova Launcher for various reasons and motives, and that I spent a while engaged in Action Launcher 3, the great Chris Lacy apps Launcher. But the truth is that there are not many launchers which are putting hard things to Nova for several reasons that I am not going to explain at the moment.

It helps me to comment the ostentatious drop in the price of a pitcher who usually spend 4 euros and you can now get for € 0.10 while hard offer Google Play store. Smart Launcher Pro 3 is the above and a pitcher of highly customizable apps allowing users to have up to 9 screens, show custom widgets to make double beats and make some gestures to launch apps quickly.

The free version of this launcher is already full options well, but it is the paid version where all the ‘chicha’. It is for this reason that those €0.10 are the way to find a launcher that can possibly replace those others of which costs us detach ourselves, such as the aforementioned Action Launcher 3 or Nova Launcher.

Smart Launcher Pro 3

Smart Launcher Pro 3 prides itself on its simplicity, lightness and speed and its more than 10 million downloads of the free version is the testament of what was said and its qualities.

You have 9 screens where place boxes, assign boxes to an icon to display it with a double-tap gesture with two fingers for quick access to apps and contacts management comprehensive categories, 20 new categories to add, 7 animations extras and a good variety of updates that will improve one of the launchers that surely do not know everyone , but that will give much to speak for the next few years if they continue at this pace.

Download: Smart Launcher Pro 3 (€0.10, Google Play) →

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