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Smartphones water-resistant, really?

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Today almost every brand of smartphone has for sale any model phone with water resistance as main attraction. Or as a quality that provides higher quality and resistance to a device. Actually, know that our phone will resist splashing liquids is peace of mind.

On more than one occasion our smartphone has been the end of his days abruptly by an unexpected sub-aquatic immersion. Or suffer splashes of water or other fluids. For this reason, when you see an ad that promises that our smartphone will not suffer damage by liquids or splash, captures our attention.

How much is there truth in resistance to water of a smartphone?

Even taking hands a smartphone that is supposed to be submersible costs us much testing. Even more so when these water resistant devices tend to be among the highest range of each signature. Why spend a few hundred euros on average, and put the new smartphone under the faucet to check if it resists does not seem entirely sure.

But then, if the smartphone resists to water, and thus announcing with fanfare. Why not dare to dip it?. Maybe because there are some brands whose warranty does not respond if the device is damaged by liquids. Yes, a smartphone that resists to water is not replaced if it breaks down the wet. How do we call this?. Several occur to us, but at least it seems a little misleading.

The explanation can be found in the different types of IP certification. Depending on the type of certification obtained a smartphone this can withstand splashes of water or even a prolonged dive. For this reason it is very important to know the specifications of the certification of each device IP.

We can not be carried away by the ads. Phones that fall to the bottom of a pool and continue working as if nothing. Or people who talk with their smartphones in the rain without worries. It is very important to know our device has been subjected to tests and know the limits in relation to liquids.

The IP certification of a device measured their water resistance.

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The main problem that occurs at the time of warranty claim against damage by liquids is the difficulty of verifying how occurred. Even if we explain that misuse of the device has not become. And still this truth and have followed to the letter the Councils of manufacturers. It is virtually impossible to know if these rules or tips have been met.

Before proliferate these phones with different types of certifications of resistance to liquids was easiest. Sensors liquid that each device was built was an unmistakable symbol of misuse. Now, every time it is more complicated to demonstrate that they have met the specifications of each device or manufacturer.

You must also know that there is IP certifications which serve exclusively to splash water. That is, even if your smartphone is “water resistant”, if it gets wet with a drink you will be out of warranty. Or if splashing is done with salt water instead of fresh water. There are even differences between if it submerges or is put under a stream of water, as it could be an open faucet.

So that for very attractive as it may seem you a water resistant smartphone, that this is not the only reason for your purchase. Today there is a smartphone that guarantees 100% watertightness. Nor be submersible without any restriction or “Council” of their manufacturers.

So if you have decided to do you with a smartphone that promises to resist water, don’t be tempted to put it to the test. It is safer for the user that the device we use has many more better protection. But by what you see, even if your smartphone is “water” it is better to stay away from the water.

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