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Smartwatches sales fall sharply by 50%

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After an apparent boom experienced between last year and the current one, smart watches or smartwatches sales are plummeting.

For a vast majority of users, the smartwatches are not a necessity, and this makes them difficult to sell. In addition, its cost is, in general, too high. Pay two hundred euros (sometimes much more) by a clock with a small screen that plays notifications, depends largely on the Smartphone, and lasts a couple of years, simply does not make sense for many people who may have a normal clock that will hold them for years and years, and at one much lower price.

The fall of the smartwatches

In 2015 the segment of the smartwatches lived to what now seems a mirage of growth, largely thanks to the success of the launch of Apple Watch and clock of Huawei, however, now sales have been reduced “dramatically”.

A final report on trends in the market carried out by the consultancy firm IDC reveals the precipitous fall in sales of smartwatches from 5.6 million units sold in the third quarter of 2015 to 2.7 million for the fourth quarter of this year. This represents a drop of 51.6% in just one year.

Apple Watch shipments shrank by more than 2 million units between the third quarter of 2015 and the third quarter of 2016, while other manufacturers also looked depleted their sales.  Samsung has remained stable with the sale of other 0.4 million units during the quarter analyzed.


Many wonder what is so brutal drop in the sale of smartwatches, but everything points to the lack of new options. Apple Watch Series 2 debuted already at end of the third quarter while most Android manufacturers have remained silent, including Samsung that it has not yet launched the S3 Gear.

Continue thus, segment of the smartwatches seems doomed to failure, and it is to their dependence and repetitive on the smartphone, finally make it a dispensable accessory and, sometimes, even annoying.

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