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Snapchat incorporates the “memories”, your personal collection of your stories and favorite Snaps

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Recently launched this entry in which I tried to give a bit of light on what is Snapchat and why it has positioned itself as an app that is as the Favorites for the younger audience. From the ephemeral, has managed to combine millions of users that do not pass the score and have found other means of sharing these experiences without the desire to want to seize those moments to have them stored as a treasure; a treasure that is often become ghosts of the past.

Today same Snapchat has updated its app for Android and IOS with a new feature that has called as “Souvenirs”. This allows you to have easy access to the record of your stories and favorite snaps. It is accessible from the simplicity that implies a swipe up from the main screen of the camera and they can be searched with keywords to find those snaps in particular.

These memories can be used to create new snaps or stories, and the app will wrap it in a frame to indicate that it is the past. Snaps can be brought to a private section for that so you can explore freely through your memories without having to reveal those shots that you don’t want that others will see.


Another of those interesting new features that usually us bring Snapchat and brighten up make more users certifying the whys that is one of the most used apps for a younger audience. The only handicap I see is excessive battery consumption, something important for an app that is seen as the main day to day.

The update should be playing in front of the Google Play Store to download the new version and can access those ‘memories’ that you are now available in these dates as indicated for an app like this.

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