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Snapchat power Discover to exceed in number of daily users to Twitter


Snapchat has had a spectacular evolution since it was an unknown app until today in which is found as a favorite for millions of users worldwide. An app that uses young people to have some features which have been copied by most known by all apps. That capacity for self-destruction of images after being sent was and is his Holy and Seine always.

The app’s messages that self-destruct now has reached an important milestone: 150 million people now use the app every day. This means that more daily users than Twitter have by a pretty significant margin. So now is the perfect time so next week Snapchat supercharge its Discover section. This redesign will be similar to Instagram, with a list of content based on the timeline and that they will emphasize brands.

Beyond Twitter

It has 150 million people daily using your application, it is a great achievement in itself. Moving to Twitter is so that record, since by what you know, official figures of Twitter, although they are not public, from any source is estimated that their numbers do not pass of the 140 million people.


And is that in December Snapchat had only 110 million active users, which means that the platform user base has grown to more than 35 per cent in only five months. This growth, logically, is being seen as a very positive sign to make sure that the Twitter user base is maintained without a large increase. Micromensajes social network grew nothing more that 3 percent according to its latest financial report.

A renewed Discovery tab

So now Snapchat sees that it is the perfect time to improve the Discovery tab. The redesign, as I have said, resembling the one seen in Instagram. Discovery currently shows about 20 editors, which include to BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, CNN and ESPN. These have already been able to receive a prior new design exclusively to anticipate the same when it is released these days.

It is now when these editors are able to advertise their channels with those small and round icons with their logos. After the changes in design, they appear as boxes magazine a larger type. Apart from that will be added new partners to Discover when the renewal is launched.


According to the own Snapchat, 60 million people use the Discover tab every month. Snapchat allows users to subscribe to their favorite Discover stories so they can be abreast of all updates, apart from the fact that is has also facilitated the ability to share content through other channels such as messaging apps or other social networks from the comfort of a simple press.

Apart from what is that Snapchat has passed to Twitter in number of daily users, the sense of this renewal is also due to the battle by playing videos with other platforms. Snapchat now has 10,000 million views daily, while Facebook reaches 8,000 million. Instagram is also located in this struggle, but we don’t know the real figures.

So we have no else to wait for that renewal of Discovery than it would be on the verge of falling into this week or as entering into the next. A new initiative of this app which has young people as its user base, which places it as one of the apps that will give more war for years. Anyway, Snapchat has not made still no official announcement on the launch of this new Discovery, so we will remain vigilant.

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