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Snapchat refreshes and renews the stories and Discovery interface


Snapchat has not needed a great interface and even freedom has been able to take leave some spaces in the app that did not at the same design and features as other social networking apps. This is mainly due to its main functions were the reasons for which this service went from anonymity to being one of the most used by a mostly young audience.

But if yesterday we were talking about that in days Snapchat was going to receive a major upgrade in one of the areas less worked, today we already have and with a variety of new features to give you a good renovation to the Android app. The three major areas where the new update is retouched properly to give them a good face wash are: the navigation bar, stories and discover.

It has renovated the interface for each of these areas with icons suitable for chats and stories, and the navigation bar has some visual references to provide greater context to the user. Added the swipes to switch between these different areas and the navigation is more appropriate. Anyway, the user that this app will need a little time to settle before the news daily.


The Discover tab has also received a major renovation when now stories shown directly on the tab instead of the various sources listed that were basically circles with these subscriptions. This new tab makes it easier to find stories that motivate us.

In short, a needed update for an app that will offer a better user experience from today. A great time for fans of this app that will find major news at the time that downloaded the update from the Play Store.

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