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Snapkeys is a keyboard now optimized for Android Wear smartwatches with circular

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Is difficult to know When will exploit the market of the smartwatches. We have even in the market a smart watch manufactured by Apple, but still we are left with the feeling that this type of product does not pull forward, but seems rather stagnant. Don’t know if it will be matter of time or that it is inappropriate for a smart device format in which screens are becoming greater as well access to all types of multimedia content, apps, or social networks.

While we are still waiting, there is an app that has been updated so that users who have Android Wear a smart watch can type in tiny size panel if compared with those phablets of increasingly larger. Snapkey offers a new keyboard Android Wear designed to settle into circular watchfaces. An alternative to those known as Minuum or Fleksy, the app is based on a clear interface and clean based on a T-9 text prediction system

It has 6 buttons that allow users to put the words jointly, so the app try to predict the words that have been typed. In this way, you can type without major problems from the smarwatch, which itself is a great advantage to other keyboards.


Snapkeys was originally launched in a more traditional square format in the month of March, so after a few months they decided to incorporate this format so that anyone with an Android Wear to benefit from that system of word prediction features. An interesting alternative for those moments in which voice commands do not help us and we need to enter from the small pane of the smartwatch; Surely that you will get out of a great trouble to have a secondary option.

While we hope that it will be released to Play Store you can see its virtues in the shared video. A special moment for its release for the simple reason that we will soon have Android Wear 2.0.

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