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So are the new HTC Nexus 2016

Nexus 2016

Yesterday we met that HTC is happening pretty bad with very poor sales figures from the 10 HTC which has sold nothing more than 1 million units worldwide. A very black picture which is presented to the Taiwanese manufacturer although, thanks to their virtual reality device lives, perhaps can heal those wounds produced by a few smartphones that are unable to find the appropriate key to content to millions of users worldwide. The high price of HTC 10 has done enough damage to the user who was expecting a high-end of this company to smartphone to check such as low sales.

Now is when it has released a render image from Android Police how will be the new Nexus 2016, Sailfish and Marlin, according to the information from a reliable source. We are not facing a press render, but other than a recreation of what will be the next two Nexus. Can be glimpsed a clarity of design and a difference to what were the 5 X Nexus and Nexus 6 p in which the created by Huawei differed by the horizontal bar in black which distinguished it from other existing Android terminals. It is now when they want to distinguish this line of Nexus with a design more clearly and with that back that is divided into two with a top in black that almost takes little more one-third of the space.

The final design of these two phones Nexus can obviously change, but there are some aspects to be maintained originals, so we can get a good idea of what will be these two devices manufactured by HTC.

The most important details is in the rear camera there will be no outbound as can happen in other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 in which the lens protrudes. Two-tone with a top that takes one-third of the space can be found in the back of the phone. Other details of that back is curved at the sides, with a fingerprint scanner that is located in the Centre. It is also known that the body will be in aluminium.

An interesting approach to learn a little more about what will be these two new terminals that should come at the end of summer.

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