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[SOLUTION] Broken Android buttons or which work poorly

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Today I bring the solution final to repair them buttons Android broken or worn by the step of the time, a solution suitable for all them users, that not requires of knowledge technical and that nor so if wants to need of be user Root or have permissions of access to the system.

Ah!! and it best of all is that is valid for any terminal that is taking problems with them buttons physical or with them buttons virtual by lack of sensitivity of some areas of the screen of your Android, in which them areas more sensitive by defect and by be them more used in the day to day, tend to be the part of down the screen in where is often to stay these buttons virtual or bar of navigation Android.

Botones Android flotantes

This solution final for correct or solve this serious problem of them buttons Android broken or that have left of run as it did in a principle, is a problem with which us can find some day in our own terminal Android since is a problem of it more common that we can find in our devices mobile.

This solution that today you want to present and that even have included a video, is which for my to day of today is the best solution or best option for correct these defects in them buttons Android, a solution that passes by the simple download and installation of an application completely free, application available in the own Play Store of Google the official store of applications for Android, and which is valid for any Android device, regardless of the version of Android that has installed and is equally valid for smartphones, phablets or even tablets with Android operating system clear is.

In addition to all of this that we are little, the application today I present is one of the most lightweight and functional lifestyle applications so we can also say that it is valid for those most basic terminal and that they have less system resources or even little storage for downloading new applications.

Botones Android flotantes

The application not is another that Back Button, and away from so only offer us a button of recoil virtual as us suggests his own name, this application us offers all a complete solution of buttons virtual for our terminals Android have these or not problems with the keypad.

Back Button, application that can download directly from the Play Store through link direct that you leave a little more down these lines, us offers the possibility of, by a keypad floating that can place in any part of the screen of our Android, four buttons fully functional and useful that us van to give access to the Home of our Android a back button, a button dedicated to multi-tasking Android and another dedicated button to deploy the Android notifications backdrop.

Download Back Button free from the Play Store of Google

Download: Back Button (non-root) (Free, Google Play) →

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