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Sony opens records for Android Nougat Beta program, but only for the Xperia X Perfomance

Xperia X Perfomance

If you’re looking for a high-end phone that has a layer custom closest to pure Android, Sony phones are the best in this regard. They have their own coat, but pure Android is present in the status bar so that with a good launcher for apps, for example Nova Launcher, we’re almost taking what is Material Design. This puts Sony in a very interesting position for when the Google Pixel are presented on 4 October.

The Sony Android beta program is another of your points in favor for first ROMs of Nougat in one of their phones. The Z3 Xperia was a Marshmallow in this program and now you it will knock at a Xperia X Perfomance with Android Nougat. This is because the Xperia X Perfomance will be one of the first smartphones to receive Android 7.0 Nougat, it seems quite logical that is the protagonist of this program Android beta.

Sony has just open records for the Android Nougat Beta program for Xperia X Perfomance, but the bad news is that it is only available to users that are in selected countries. First of all is that, if you start the registration in the program, you will be not selected automatically for the same.

These are countries in which it is intended the Xperia Beta Program: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. According to Sony, the number of users for this beta is limited, so the sooner you register, more options will have to be part of the same.

You have to keep in mind is that a program being beta, you’ll be testing Android Nouga compilationst which may not work as they should, though you will have lucky enough to try them before any.

Head to the Google Play Store to install the app and thus register.

Download: Xperia Beta Program (Free, Google Play) →

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