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Sony removes the Small apps from your phone Xperia X series

Sony Small Apps

It is a very difficult year for Sony with a new line of smartphones called Xperia X and has come to replace the Z. Also has had an unforeseen event that can bring you more problems of the thought, recently met the camera of Xperia X causes unexpected closures due to overheating which takes the terminal when using this important feature for a user.

In these tough decisions that we are taking in regard to its mobile division, now comes another story that can be like a jug of water cold for some users. And it is that Sony has decided to remove Small Apps of its new line of phones Xperia X. These Smalls Apps allowed access to certain basic services on a phone with the advantage of having them floating on the desktop to access them at any time.

These small apps were part of the multi-tasking of smartphones from Sony and can not be seen in this new line of mobile in which the calculator, notes, audio recorder or stopwatch may not be used.

This news has been confirmed by a member of the team ‘s official support of Sony Xperia on the company Forums Mobile Talk. He has also published that it is due to the specifications and how Google has defined it. So we are left a bit in doubt about the context of this statement and this feature for multi-tasking with the Small Apps from Sony.

Perhaps it has to do with certain features that Google is implementing and collide against those “Small Apps”, as happened with the Stamina and doze mode. Thus Stamina has returned to the Xperia Z5, but a little differently to what was before it was removed from the mobile high-end Japanese manufacturer.

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