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Sony would happen to ‘without bevels’ fashion on the sides with the Xperia XZ (2017)

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To offer a new high-end device that is to offer other aesthetic design, is the dream of many manufacturers when begin to devise which will be its new smartphone that will try to capture the desires of new buyers of a new mobile or phone.

The ‘ bevel’ are those phones that are at least able to remove almost frames to give the user another feeling when you have your new smartphone in hand by two side. This resulted in the S6/S7 Galaxy edge, and upcoming smartphones, as in the new Sony Xperia XZ (2017) that, so you can guess from a blurred image filtered, will that style in so striking design.

This image seems to be the panel front of the new Sony Xperia XZ (2017) and while is well blurred, we gives an idea of the location of the camera front, the sensor of proximity and the speaker.

But it more interesting of this filtration is the design without bevels in the side that would take the new Xperia XZ. Otherwise, not know nor them specifications, or the price e even it availability in these moments, so us stayed with what would be another manufacturer more than is sum to the fashion or trend of them without bevels; those phones that will be located in a different way what we understand as a smartphone, at least on the front which is where actually the differences if compared to the more standard format.

Will wait to have more information about the new XZ and If the rest of terminals of the new range Xperia X you will continue to in the design to offer us really a great difference with that language in it visual that not has changed just nothing in ones few years for them range high of the manufacturer Nippon.

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