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Sony Xperia Home is updated in beta with full integration to Google Now

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Sony is in the doldrums and we are many that we ask ourselves where is this new series X that has left out the Z that we found very interesting high end. Although it is not now able to launch Android smartphones that fit the needs of many, still throwing a very interesting software and this we have seen in the beta of Marshmallow with the best ROM that we have seen for a Xperia. It has been able to even launch a previous Android n for a device not Nexus.

Now, Sony has the ability to distinguish itself from others with the latest version of Xperia Home in the beta that has full Google now support. It is the first launcher that has the ability to be equal in features that Google Now Launcher, so hopefully soon other apps, like Nova Launcher Launcher, be able to integrate these features by complete as the “Ok, Google” voice command.

In order to use this launcher, you need to have a Xperia phone (don’t know the models exactly). It is a beta open for what you can participate to it from this link (currently there is functional, possibly more afternoon is). You will find a message at the bottom of the screen to confirm your participation in the beta. So you will find the installation of the launcher to try this new feature very interesting.

So when you active the updated launcher, to Activate Google Now in the settings of the app, you will get to move the screen to the left, so that with a swipe you can access Google Now as it happens with the launcher for Google. This has the same appearance and identical features to Google Now Launcher.

We still have doubts of how Sony has been able to have this feature, since the launchers of third parties do not have access to this option.

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