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Soon you could download iMessage for Android


Apple has revealed their latest results financial and an of them categories that more has grown in income are the services, between which can enter Apple Music and others so many. An indicator that cannot be closed if same to make their apps more important, as it is the aforementioned or mismamente iMessage, comes very well extend its borders so that they can be used on Android.

If already at the Apple keynote there were rumours about the emergence of iMessage for Android, now back to the same path to knowing that we would not be far away from that this app unloading definitively in the Google OS for mobile devices. The rumor leads with that Apple would be testing a version of iMessage for Android.

He is said to have mockups of iMessage for Android that have circulated by the company, as stated by John Gruber of Daring Fireball. Suggests even that there are a variety of styles of interface of user in tests in these moments, among which is include to Material Design. Not is something totally new, since Apple has released apps for Android with Material Design previously, as occurs with Apple Music.

If Apple releases a iMessage for Android, you are sending a clear message to Google. Or at least to all Googlers and Android fans who suggest that iMessage is the only app that is a must have for Apple. Interest is also typical of Apple, as iMessage on Android would raise revenue collecting one of their best services, so hedge if itself on a single OS, in these times that touch, it would be a mistake that would allow others to take the market share which belongs now to the Apple app.

It is also the best time to launch this app, since there are few which are available in the Google Play Store, and even several of the same company as it is the case with WhatsApp Messenger from Facebook. Google also has now to Allo and Hangouts, by what not is nothing crazy thinking that Apple should take the same course.

If to these new rumors add that Apple will be in the Mobile World Congress, perhaps can understand one of the reasons for the appearance of this company that always is has seen very reticent in be present in that type of events.

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