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Soon you will be able to use Google Allo on your computer


Last year Google announced and officially launched the new Google Allo messaging application, and although at first seemed an app quite promising, the fact is that, over time, it failed to check that the service has not had the success that was expected of him. And probably one of the main reasons for this situation is that Allo does not have a web version that allows to continue the talks with the comfort of the keyboard of your computer. However, this situation could come to an end before what many could imagine

Nick Fox, who is the Vice President of communications for Google products, recently posted the screenshot of an web desktop for Allo application on Twitter. The Executive says that that this version is still in a phase of development very early and unfortunately for many, has not provided not even a more or less approximate date or a period of time, in which the service could be available.

Screenshot of this Desktop shared by Nick Fox, Google executive, February 24, 2017

Seeing the image shared by Nick Fox we can deduce easily than Allo web version will offer more or less the same characteristics as already used mobile users, including the proposal of appropriate responses to the text, stickers, Google Assistant…

Obviously, if Allo want to compete with Facebook Messenger WhatsApp and other applications, wear their service to the desktop of computers. The interesting thing will be to see if this new option will arouse the interest of the users as well as to attract them to the platform and relaunch Google Allo to the position of success that had been expected before its release.

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