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SoundCloud could soon be bought by Spotify


When a company brings more power, money and users, is capable of make is with others that are related with your lei motiv. Is something normal, since includes to that acquired as a service more or for expand the Repertoire related with mismamente the music, such as occurs with Spotify.

Music streaming services, there is a lot of competition, but it seems that there are two that you are taking everything: Spotify and Apple Music. This means, such as I have mentioned, that either of those two would be able to expand their repertoire with the acquisition of other services of streaming, as might occur with SoundCloud.

The reason so that we can be talking that SoundCloud, one of the most special in music related services, can be purchased by Spotify, is that the first is not taking it easy when it comes to be able to monetize your great service. Already moved to SoundCloud Go earlier this year, in March, but it seems that it has failed to give the nail to be able to keep up with benefits.

Was from the month of July when began to sound rumors about the search of a possible purchaser from SoundCloud. But is now from the Financial Times, when those rumors van taking greater weight of what initially was thought.

On the possible purchase price has spoken of a million dollars, a figure which for some can be too, even though we are talking about a service that is one of the most special thing we had. If outside really led to out the buy of SoundCloud, would be see If is integrated in Spotify or is would keep independent with some changes logical for trying to monetize of best form a service in which many DJs and musicians have relegated to upload their themes.

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