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Sparkwave, a devilish endless runner with electronic music

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Three years ago we had the arrival of Super Hexagon to Android. A video game arcade in which we should try to get as far as possible through these dungeons in the geometric form that got us a little nervous. A casual game of those where there are to be armed with great patience to be able to beat our own record. This type of game has also managed to copy from him many others in their vector shapes, music retro arcade and the arcade of the ancient air that tends to attach to many players. Although to tell the truth, nor is it easy to find any Hexagon type who manages to engage us.

Crescent Moon Games continued in the wake of the mentioned to bring us Sparkwave, a very difficult game which will arrive sometime that really have the feeling that we know not what we do. Sparkwave is an endless runner with a special visual theme to bring us a good arcade that spend a few good minutes until now we can no more with nerves. We control a sort or ship we guide that is not out of a circuit board that can make unexpected twists, and here is where we will find all its difficulty.

A world awaits Hexagon

We could call him as the game of the six faces or sides for the hex of its geometry that will flood every one of those random worlds that will be opening before the line that we control.


The objective in the game is to get all the far can not find you with the end of the game. The environments that will be rendering as you go overcoming that devilish circuit, have all sorts of obstacles and powers with which you will discover great capabilities of that line as if it were the futuristic film Tron bike by the 1980s. By clicking on one of the two sides of the screen you can move from one side to another to go avoiding black blocks, which are actually our enemies in this endless race.

A space and with much Techno world

As you go forward speed will increase, so well hold on to your Chair to go scrolling by that hex world opens before that line so rare and special. The turns will be important, since at certain times the environment moves at a dizzying special and go back to what was said at the beginning, will arrive at some point in what they do not know what you are doing, but you’ll still alive and kicking.


Although you will have a limited time when you come out of the circuit at some point, it is important that you come back fast to the for not having to start the game. The crystals that you can pick up, you will be worth to unlock new lines and acquire objects that help you to further improve your scores and distances achieved. It is in the variety of circuits and environments where the game does not bored and in those objects that you can unlock, you can customize your line or space ship.

A video game have for free from the Play Store with obvious micropayments and singled out by a soundtrack that pulls by electronics.

Technical quality


If yours is electronic music, is a video game that you will enjoy much. He has that touch of techno that also has Super Hexagon and that, thanks to this visual style and a pretty crushing soundtrack, can be significant for those who choose this type of music. It is not a game to play in a relaxed, but that implies that you centres to not get out of the circuit.

Moreover, little to criticize him to go directly to a casual game with a good technical implementation and which can become exasperated by this sense of loss of control of the game; It is almost as if you stop while you get a better distance as score.

Opinion of the editor


  • Their psychedelic environments
  • His electronic music


  • It sometimes has the feeling of losing control

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