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Speed test: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6

Prueba de velocidad: Galaxy S8 vs LG G6

If you’ve never heard of the YouTube channel XEETECHCARE, it’s one of the best known by its tests of speed between different smartphones. But in addition to the speed tests, this youtuber also performs tests of falls, water-tightness tests and many other interesting things.

After having seen the S8 Galaxy facing iPhone 7 in some tests of fall through the TechRax channel, now the turn has come to deal with LG G6, although this time is only a speed test.

In this test of speed, the youtuber compared a Galaxy S8 and a LG G6 connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Starting the mobile, shows that the S8 is much faster, but sometimes the LG G6 takes advantage.

Throughout much of the trial, the Galaxy S8 is faster than the flagship of LG, but remember that the S8 has 835 Snapdragon processor (or an Exynos 8895), while the G6 includes the 821 Snapdragon.

One of the situations in which the G6 LG is faster than the Galaxy S8 is when you open the settings menu, while applications (Tinder, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.) opens before in the S8, like function calls.

When trying to open the cameras on both smartphones, the speed is almost the same, while the browser of the G6 LG opens Wikipedia faster than in the case of the S8.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S8 is faster in this test, the G6 LG followed closely and deserves our appreciation, bearing in mind that your processor belongs to a previous generation. All this is due to the efforts of the company to optimise the software to the fullest.

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