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Spotify adds the “Behind The Lyrics” section in your app for Android

Spotify agrega la sección "Behind The Lyrics" en su app para Android

The activity of listening to music can be a much more complete and enriching experience that the mere act of receiving sound through our ears. The true fans of music know, and like to know information that surrounds the song you are listening to and the artists responsible for it. Spotify is also aware of this and already offers property Behind the Lyrics also for Android users.

The new service, which has already begun to offer the giant of music in streaming under the name Behind the Lyrics is very similar, although less impressive than those pop ups that continuously showed us VH1 TV channel at the same time that a music video was broadcast, and which provided interesting information, anecdotes, etc. on the song in the process or about the artist.

From now on you’ll know much more about the song that listeners

Although the introduction of this feature is a novelty for Android users, in reality because it was available to users of Spotify for iOS since last year.

Behind the Lyrics is a value added service that has been created in collaboration with the annotations of Genius online music community, and is currently available cannot be used in all of the service, but it is only available in the Top Hits of today and Hip Hop playlists.

Listen to when a song any of these playlists and open the full view of the song, the Spotify application for Android it will automatically display information about the artist, as well as anecdotes, trivia and various information relating to the song in question. In the case that you do not see this info appear on the screen, don’t worry, tpco is available for absolutely all the songs.

Behind the Lyrics it was announced by the company through his blog and began to unfold yesterday, so as it takes a bit to be available on your smartphone. Keep that in mind.

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