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Spotify could launch its own wearable

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Although Spotify is the largest provider of music streaming, with more than 50 million subscribers to date, the company has some drawbacks in comparison with other similar as for instance Apple Musicservices, since the Apple company promotes its streaming platform through their own devices.

This could be the reason why recently Spotify published a job offer on its website where specified is in search of a ‘hardware project manager‘. According to this listing, the contracted person should lead a team of developers who are responsible for the creation of a “fully-connected devices“.

In addition, Spotify also points out that it intends to create a few devices able to “define new categories in the market”, in a similar way to the Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo or Snap Spectacles.

By now it is unknown what plans has the company in mind, but one of the possibilities would be the development of a set of headphones that would be directly connected to the Spotify service without requiring the use of the smartphone or additional applications.

Anyone who is the product that Spotify decides to bring to the market, will surely have the ability to connect to the network and its own streaming platform, although we may also expect some wearable with the ability to take pictures or display notifications.

In another offer of employment related, the company also says it needs an Manager of products specializing in voice-controlled systems, so it is possible that these two offerings are related to each other and let’s see some wearable spotify that not only has the ability to connect to their music service, but it also allows the user to playback music using a digital voice.

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