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Square Enix’s Dragon Quest saga reduced by 40% in the Google Play Store

Dragon Quest

In the day that already can register us for the arrival of Super Mario Run in some time of them next days or week, is another of them large names of the industry of them video games which is has willing to launch offers to us is quite difficult not tempt us to she and pass by box for some of their legendary titles.

And that is that Square Enix has put in offer his saga of games Dragon Quest in the Google Play Store to 40% anyone has available from this store. Dragon Quest is a franchise of video games RPG worked Akira Toriyama in illustrations (the creator of Dragon Ball), so these before a great opportunity to acquire them.

Square Enix has put all of its Dragon Quest games on Android on offer with a discount of 40%. We know what will take the offer, since it presumably has more to do with this as Christmas date so we can get these RPG games at almost half the price.

Among all they have to the style retro of them first and to the last, Dragon Quest VIII, as that more puts the focus on the 3D. They are a good repertoire of RPG games that have shown over many years and we have one of the best franchises of all time. May not reach the level of popularity of Final Fantasy, but for any understood the topic, know that it speaks to the Dragon Quest.

This is the list:

  • Dragon Quest
  • Dragon Quest II
  • Dragon Quest III
  • Dragon Quest IV
  • Dragon Quest V
  • Dragon Quest VI
  • Dragon Quest VIII

As recommendation, the first of all and which more downloads treasures in the Google Play Store, Dragon Quest, as are before that originated that arrived the rest.

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