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Stony Road is the new Ketchapp with a curious and fun mechanics

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We return to the load with Ketchapp Games and another of those Games simple, simple and casual that we enjoy ourselves very much. I already made this video about 15 best games of Ketchapp where I indicate are the best from my point of view. And the truth is that we are talking about one of the studies more video games published in the Google Play Store for that every week almost have a new one, but they become up to two. Rules to post a game of Ketchapp are well and have a good balance in what are graphics, sound and gameplay. If you meet these three elements, we’ll see available for free with this model of freemium Google Play store.

Stony Road is his new casual game that, like many others, shoehorns flourishes to focus on the gameplay a little complicated. This time the guys from Ketchapp Games have decided that they do not want a game easy, and from the first jump with the ball, that we almost become, we will give that there are to be able to almost fall into the abyss to perform this double-hop that will allow us to reach that platform. One of them aspects more striking of Stony Road is the form in which the obstacles van falling or disappearing, since will be those stones which go transforming the crossing by which go exploring.

The mysterious stones that disappear before us

The gameplay of the game is very simple and consists of making beats to jump either single or double. That said, the complicated comes in precision we have to take to be able to skip those empty gaps that arise almost from nothing to rid these mysterious stones. Like those gaps will appear nowhere stones that will be creating all kinds of stairs and obstacles that we have to be swift to jump on them.

Stony Road

Between the difficulty in the gaming and those mysterious stones that are drawing the route, we will find ourselves before the randomness of items and how difficult that sometimes can result in getting a good score. Based on my own experience, once you get pass the first large hole, you optarás to jump and get more points, so take it with a little patience and fits the time in which you have to make the final leap.

The ball rolling by these mysterious stones…

And this is what is Stony Road. We can discuss these various customizations, typical of these games as short, but so, Stony Road does not give for more than for a casual game in which we will enjoy the wise choice of each of the technical elements to draw a game that has its charm.

Stony Road

That charm can go disappearing according to take items, but simply you will engage in surprise which is having to be attentive to these stones that disappear or arise from nothing to form all types of structures with which we must deal with the jumps.

Ketchapp Games has a nice and interesting game for casual games of those minutes in which we do not want nothing more than something that us between good for eyes, we engage and allow close the game without having to wait to the RAM of the device works perfectly again.

You have it for free from the Google Store Play with obvious micropayments.

Technical quality

Stony Road

Stony Road is a game that makes gala a great design in the visual with a good color palette and a wise choice in the few technical elements are there. Some performance is missing if we have the smartphone in other tasks, something strange to be a casual game, but otherwise can play very well with the cards.

Opinion of the editor


  • Exquisiteness in the visual
  • Fun mechanics


  • It can be quite difficult

Download application

Download: Stony Road (Free+, Google Play) →

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