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Suhide is the new app from Chainfire hidden apps to the ROOT State


Chainfire is one of the most famous creators of Android, and this year was able to pass over some apps that Google does not want to that you can access its bowels. In a world current in which those payments by mobile van to be a trend, them of Mountain View are trying to leave of place to them privileges ROOT for the apps more important as occurs with Android Pay.

If at the beginning of year Chainfire was able, by accident, to root, Google eventually patching and refusing to root users again. “Systemless root” not was created only for work in Android Pay, but yes to relegate in a partition boot instead of an of the system and this app not out capable of detect that users were root through this method. But as is I would say, the goat always returns to the mount and Chainfire is of again with an app called Suhide.

Suhide is an app that allows you to hide the fact that you have a device with root for certain apps as it seems that it is happening with Android Pay and many others that require that the user does not have ROOT privileges. The app will only work on ROMs based on Android Marshmallow or higher.

Also there is that walking a little cautious, since the operation of this app not will be for always, since Google will try to of that leave of work. Chainfire, of all forms, published a post explaining why Google will prevent an app like Suhide to work and as you will reject other methods with which root users can hide the fact that they have those privileges that allow them to modify system files.

At the moment, users with root can use Android Pay, but knowing that it won’t be for a long time.

You can download it from XDA.

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