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Super Cat Bros to the more style Super Mario but with cats

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Super Mario Run will be released the 15 of December in iOS. Android users we are left without this great Mario on our smartphones and there to forgive Miyamoto that has been preferred before the block that our dear green Android. Not know can leave of side to the SO for devices mobile more installed of the planet, so hope that for when is released, we returned some smile to the announce for when will be available in Android. A Mario that returns, and is by this that there are some study that is wants to take advantage of of that trend given with a Mario that is passed to it mobile by first time.

Super Cat Bros has a lot of Super Mario, but kittens are its protagonists. And while could think that are before a clickbait in all rule to fall in the maw of Androdisis, this game has much of charm, so go you preparing because will have game for while. The game not hides for nothing to who you pays homage, so even in the gameplay and in some aspects striking is seems much to that Super Mario. Its animations, those environments and that map of levels, has that time nostalgic to remember that will remove of our mind when have to Mario Run in our devices. Meanwhile, a by Super Cat Bros.

These colors, these animations and those jumps

Much in Super Cat Bros reminds us Super Mario as the protagonist is making a little run to start to wander around these levels you will have to go squeezing to get the long-awaited three-star to complete the level, but you can pass them to go exploring all that remain ahead.

Super Cat Bros

An of the higher qualities of this game is the control of the cat protagonist. Can move us manually from a side to another with certain conditions. For example, if still moving you towards the right and the cat is bumps with a wall, this will begin to upload it until a maximum of height in which not can get to more. Is will be some moments to begin to slip is towards down again. If here, or before, press the button of movement toward the side opposite, the kitten will pop out so can follow rising by it another platform in vertical.

Another of their movements special is it double pulse in one of them side so the kitten begins to run. This, when find a vacuum will jump of form automatic towards it another platform, with what have before us ones movements different to which we are accustomed. The tutorial you will serve of much to the principle, so do not miss none of them tips.

A video game that has its one

You can control 24 sail with only two thumbs and the ability to move that has this game is worthy of mention, since, apart from the above, you can swim, and much more. That Yes, you have to use the correct cat in each mission to succeed her.

Super Cat Bros

You have six cats with unique abilities, more than 50 levels and lots of hidden secrets, something that could not miss in a game that emulates the great Super Mario in his spirit.

Super Cat Bros

Another of its virtues are those environments, the music and the graceful characters to be seen with some enemies that you will recall others as many of the original Nintendo game.

A very rewarding game that got it for free from the Google Play Store. Best to wait for Mario Run.

Technical quality

Super Cat Bros

It is a game cuckoo or beautiful. Although it sounds with much retintín, are two words that come you very well to express the feelings arising when you play Super Cat Bros. Is a title that, thanks to a high quality in it technical, how much more it play more you like and you hooking would to what waits to try it?

Opinion of the editor


  • Is very cuckoo
  • His great realization technique
  • Its mechanical special of movement


  • Is even in Spanish

Download application

Download: Super Cat Bros (Free+, Google Play) →

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