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Super Mario Run comes to the 78 million of downloads, but only the 5% it bought

Super Mario Run

It is difficult to be talking about a game of such magnitude as one which is one of the stars of the world of video games, and that the company has failed to fit well with that title in a market, the mobile, which has its own peculiarities. You know all, talk about Super Mario Run, the first game mobile Nintendo which is a trivial percentage of conversions in persons who acquired it at the end.

Super Mario Run of Nintendo has been downloaded more than 78 million of times. Those 78 million downloads, 40 million occurred in the first 4 days arriving at the iOS App Store store, while that five percent of the total, ended up buying it for 10 euros, which is 5 percent. Some figures that not you are worth to the company of entertainment Japanese, and more after use to your hen of them eggs of gold; broken rather might say.

Super Mario Run has gone down positions in the list top of games in the App Store of iOS, but is expected that lift head when falls in the SO more installed of all the planet. We should also ask if this exclusivity has earned him for something to Nintendo, since it may not be understood with these negative figures in conversions, which has not been published in the Google Play Store.

Tatsumi Kimishima, President of Nintendo, has left well clear that the index of conversion has fallen under the estimates previous of the company. Expectations are high for their next mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, that his departure is scheduled for Feb. 2 in Android. On the other hand, Animal Crossing has been delayed until the next fiscal year, which could be as very latest until March 2018.

Let us hope that the next time you use a popular game character, do not leave it on an exclusive basis for a SO, since right now Android is the one with more devices, and even if your games shop has a percentage better in sales than the App Store, it has an added value in number of users that possibly play it.

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