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Supercell offers more details about tournaments Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Supercell is known for throwing a great content in many of the updates that are coming to each of their games. If we look there are Day, their game in which we have to manage a whole farm, the latest additions were an entire people that sell the products we manufacture and the Derby, a tournament for the neighborhood where thanks to the help of other players can confront others in all a horse race. This study is able to foster the main elements of their games to provide more forms of fun and great content, ultimately.

This same look forward with Clash Royale, that if we learned last week that Supercell is working in the tournament, thanks to a screenshot which shared from Twitter, yesterday launched another entry from your blog that has the details of this new game mode that will offer fun in spades and it will be excuse improve it so we are going to improve our deck or deck of cards. Some tournaments that you can create yourself and in some can earn up to a chest of tournament that will give you anything more and less than 15,000 letters. We move on to learn all this new content coming soon to Clash Royale.

Basic principles

The tournaments will be unlocked when the players are close to the levels of the tournament rules. Thus which take little time in the game may be a short term goal that plunge in this game mode. The rules can range from the player’s level of the own cards common, rare, epic, and legendary.

Torneos cercanos

One of the most interesting ideas for tournaments is that it will exist the option to look for them near. He is assigned to each tournament a location that depends on where it was created. In this way you can play those tournaments with the same time zone. Something very interesting. The goal is that after unlock this function by location, anyone can connect, play and win a tournament Clash Royale, both online and in person

Tournaments for all

The idea of Supercell is to join a tournament is free, but those who wish to create one must use gems to create them. According to the gems that are used to create the tournament, it will be larger and will lead to greater difficulty. The size of the tournament will determine winners eligible for the winners, who will be rewarded with tournament coffers. Logically, the bigger the tournament, the greater the reward to get the victory.

Clash Royale

Tournaments come with the idea that is adapted to the needs of the players, since a smaller clan may prefer one smaller than another of greater proportions in which access to gems easier by the experience of its players and the money they use at the micropayments.

The other objective is that different winners there are in each tournament so the awards are dealt among the players who have gone further. The awards are distributed that everyone who is in the first half of the ranking will get a chest of tournament. Player that is in the first position will receive the chest of greater value. And here they will enter the tournaments of larger size in which the player who wins will get a chest that can reach 15,000 letters. These larger chests have a large lot of epic and legendary cards.

The balance and the future of tournaments

There are certain rules. One is that you can only compete in a tournament at the same time, although it can leave one for joining to another at any time. What there is to take into account the progress made in that abandoned tournament will be lost. Another rule is that, if you are unlocking a chest of tournament, there will be a natural between tournaments pause for so you can continue playing the normal battles. Only you can unlock a chest of tournament at the same time.


As I said at the beginning of this post, Supercell is an expert in to improve the new content which will be offering. This will happen with the tournaments that will be here in its first version in the next update. They have more ideas on other aspects that they want to integrate, but first of all you will see are things these tournaments come in the update and begin to be players. Feedback that is offered in these first few weeks will determine that we will soon see news or that existing ones be shape to make everything more equal for all users.

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