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Surfy Browser, a new web browser that you have to know

Surfy Browser

Already do not have that great influx of new apps that arrive to all the categories existing in the Google Play Store. This is mainly because there are some who have several apps to dominate the scene and becomes a difficult task trying to introduce an app that really can look at them in a face to face to remove some percentage of quota which have any of these Firefox, Chrome and many others in the category of web browsers for mobile.

Surfy Browser is a new browser web that surely unknown, but that is has introduced in the Play Store for fight by giving is to know in these moments so difficult for a new app in certain categories, and more in this of them browsers mobile. Surfy Browser from the first screen of welcome, you do know that can incorporate a password for access to it, that you can read them pages with the feature text-to-speech-voice or that even can save the session with a mosaic custom. An app that has been updated for even have more features that had to know.

Surfy Browser news

Before taking step to know their best virtues, this browser has updated with some new themes for Android users, as it may be that black lash and the navigation bar at the bottom, which is the main part of this app. Also added a theme clear that allows to be on par with other sections of your phone if you prefer clarity to these dark themes.


Surfy Browser now also offers support to scanner of fingerprint digital, what you allows block the browser and save them sessions for so keep it sheltered of looks beyond when lend the phone during some minutes to someone.

Surfy Browser features

Surfy Browser is characterized by:

  • Private: blocks the browser with a password or fingerprint, or save the session to a mosaic
  • Person: change the colors or put your picture favorite as background
  • Listen to them pages with feature text-to-voice
  • Interchangeable tabs
  • Optimization of the data mobile that can reduce the use of data up to a 20%
  • Home of exploration private
  • Save the session to an access direct blocked
  • Scan private
  • Panoramic customizable interface with a background image
  • Different search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing, DuckDuckGo, Baidu
  • History of search
  • It cleans cookies, and the history cache
  • PON read mode or desktop to individual tabs
  • Share pages via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Night mode
  • Customizable toolbar and tabs
  • Mark favorites in the initial launch-pad

As you can see, this web browser is well complete order to be in earlier versions. Not him lack of anything to produce a great experience and has an interface well clear without many fanfare. Pages load also goes well, and would have to compare it with other browsers, but in general terms, behaves very well in all its aspects.


The read mode that allows you to access the text of those pages that you want to have more clean of all this publicity is remarkable. The truth is that to be an unknown web browser, surprised by everything he has in itself. For those who you sketch of a fingerprint sensor you can set it so that when you open it you’ll have to pass by posing your finger to access the browsing session.

Now can only hope that its developers continue to improve it with new updates and be completing with so many features, but by which they already have base, it is difficult that you may need to provide the pleasant experience now proposed since installed. If you are looking for a new web browser in Android, surely to cope all your needs.

Download: Surfy Browser (Free, Google Play) →

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