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Survive madness Crazy Circle, what’s new in Ketchapp Games unlimited

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What can be blamed you to Ketchapp is that their casual games they don’t have too much content to be discovered. Yes, the gameplay is successful, very colorful graphics and sound effects more very successful soundtracks, but there is that dot that gets us to feel that we have much content ahead to explore and understand. They are casual games Yes, but that doesn’t mean that she is can “dress” with more options, improvements for those characters a little strange or different environments by those who wander with ships, blocks or balls. Anyway, we are facing one of the studies published by more games in a month and this is something that has to thank because every week we have a new mechanics to discover.

Crazy Circle is the new Ketchapp and comes with a great distinction, at the same time that fills the gap or vacuum that had been talking to this phrase, which is having more content to offer than other games of this study. Crazy Circle is an ingenious and dynamic game casual in which should of know take advantage of the time exact to the arrow, protagonist of this adventure a little techno and electronic, pass of platform to platform in a movement circular of them same. I say that it has more content than normal, because we can improve the arrow with different power-ups that allow us to get more points and to demonstrate to our friends as well that we know to play this fun game.

Unlock all these improvements to make the arrow more powerful

Every week we have a new game of Ketchapp Games that passes through these lines. It is rare to not publish an entry related to some, and if it is not, is because it doesn’t have enough quality to talk about it. This time we really have reasons not to leave Miss Crazy Circle, a game in which we can get stars to get new arrows and new powers to take advantage to achieve higher scores.

Crazy Circle

The mechanics of the game is quite simple, but a little crazy, since you have to click on the screen to which the arrow pass from one platform to another. The difficulty lies in the size of these platforms and how they are rotating on the Center, which manages to be fairly difficult to guess at the right moment, since the vertical change entails that even you can get dizzy.

Jump from platform to platform

These platforms contain stars which will allow us to add achievements and thus obtain more ships and these very necessary improvements to get better scores. The improvements do not appear in the first change, but that you will need to get some accomplishments so you can have it as an option. Got this, you will have the option of enhancer, slow motion, Star festival, multiplier effects and frequency. Some manage to slow down the time or frequency to receive improvements when playing.

Crazy Circle

This is why, so I say that this game has more content than many other Ketchapp Games. The fact that have to get stars to improve your ship, is already a great point in favor and that distinguishes it from others of this study.

You have it for free from the Google Store Play with obvious micropayments. A video game a bit special and getting you hooves to the by the explosive and dynamic it is.

Technical quality

Crazy Circle

Crazy Circle is a video game that graphically has a successful visual appearance for the electronic music that sounds and that dynamism that emanates from all his games. Yields perfectly and this gets that are throwing a split behind another without stopping. If you are looking for a casual Ketchapp with a bit more content than the many others that it has launched in recent weeks, has hit the nail with it.

Opinion of the editor


  • Its crazy gameplay
  • To improve the arrow


  • That leaves the same advertising when you start it for the first time

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