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SwiftKey puts of way to free all those themes of payment


Sometimes is us becomes difficult to understand how some apps are able to monetize their services. Costs to these third-party developers that do not have a company of renown back, get updating your great app, so many just finally sucumbidas faced with the temptations of a Microsoft or a Facebook.

SwiftKey finally passed into the hands of Microsoft, and as a result, on the day of today, we can enjoy all the themes for free without any charge. Previously, SwiftKey launched custom themes of payment as one of the ways to monetize your app, but having Microsoft, now no longer necessary. More than 100 themes are free.

Can direct you to the shop of SwiftKey within the app to check that all them themes premium, of Christmas and others, are of form free to take them themes that want or lame all them packages. Even have access to a new theme pack “Vivid” which includes bright colors to go while the customization you have in the rest of the phone.


This great novelty for the customization of one of the best keyboards, is makes effect both in Android as in iOS. At the moment, SwiftKey did not mention any change monetization plan, it seems that this will be so, so if this keyboard, from the free themes, was already one of the best, to “dress it” with all the “premium”, is going to be another great point of interest to that user who is undecided between competition keyboards or this installed.

The only handicap that is “all” free is that the monetization can be based on data generated by the user or be considered an abandonment of the app that the team, now part of Microsoft, to focus on other projects. Anything that is something real at the moment, so enjoy these great free of Swiftkey issues, once you update 3 days ago with several new features very interesting.

Download: Keyboard SwiftKey (Free+, Google Play) →

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