Monday , February 19 2018
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Google steps up its fight against the false news


The so-called “false news” are almost as old as man himself however, with the proliferation of the internet and new digital media, also there have been many websites that, in the best of cases, offer misleading information and at worst, clearly false and/or offensive. But Google appears ready to fight …

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How much do Google about us?


We live in an era in which our computers and smartphones it know all about us. Such is the amount of data that accumulate on our customs, tastes, and needs that can “know us” better than anyone else. And Google is great because of this accumulation of data. We say …

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Google will present the new Google Earth next week


A new version of Google Earth will be presented on April 18, just four days before the celebration of Earth Day. Google Earth used to be one of the most interesting tools to be used online, since it offered users a simple way to explore different places on earth or …

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Hangouts for Android will remain non-SMS on May 22


It seems that Google has not clear which route to take with its service Hangouts, a platform that underwent many changes during its development cycle. Little by little, the company has been converting the different functions of Hangouts individual apps, as it is the case of Google Voice. However, now, …

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Google will not launch more Pixel desktops


Google has decided to manufacture and sell its laptop computer Pixel which, originally, was essential intended to stand up to the Apple MacBook Air line which, precisely, has also started its gradual disappearance. Rick Osterlohthe, senior Vice President of hardware Google, responded to a question about the future of the …

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Alphabet announces a growth of 22% during the fourth quarter of 2016


Alphabet, parent company of Google, has made public the economic results – financial referred to the four quarter of 2016 announcing earnings of 26,000 million dollars, representing a 22% more compared to the same period of the previous year. According to the company, much of these results are due to …

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Hangouts for Android reaches version 16.0 with these developments


The new version 16.0 of Hangouts for Android is now available in the Play Store and update in the s devices for all those users who already use it. In addition to already typical “corrections of errors and performance improvements”, the update has eliminated some redundancies in the interface, mainly …

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