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The G6 LG boasts an original resistance test

LG smartphones were never known for their strength. The LG V10 was probably the first successful attempt of the company in the manufacture of a heavy duty device, but with the G6, the Korean company takes things to another level. As you already have a few weeks ago, LG G6 …

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LG G6, so your screen

LG surprised during the presentation of the G6 in the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2017 when submitting a handset with a display of 5.7 inches with 2 K resolution and without hardly side frames. During the presentation, the manufacturer stopped not talking Full Vision technology, one of the …

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Speed test: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6

If you’ve never heard of the YouTube channel XEETECHCARE, it’s one of the best known by its tests of speed between different smartphones. But in addition to the speed tests, this youtuber also performs tests of falls, water-tightness tests and many other interesting things. After having seen the S8 Galaxy …

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Netflix punishes the owners of the Galaxy S8 and LG G6

The Galaxy S8 and the G6 LG are the only mobile devices capable of playing quality 4 K UHD HDR video content. Unfortunately, this function is not compatible with Netflix. The contents of video with the best quality you can find currently are in the Ultra HD HDR format. High …

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LG G6, test it in the MWC 2017

Click here to view the embedded video. LG did not have the success expected with your LG G5. The phone was really full and left us with very good feelings when we had the opportunity to try it.  A misguided ad campaign, the fact that the terminal arrived so late …

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LG G6 seeps back into a new image

LG G6 was finally shown in a series of images that located it in another space in which design language differs from that LG G5; one which seems that it ends with other ways of understanding the flagships of Korean manufacturer. A year that feels like the ideal to acquire …

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