Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Netflix punishes the owners of the Galaxy S8 and LG G6


The Galaxy S8 and the G6 LG are the only mobile devices capable of playing quality 4 K UHD HDR video content. Unfortunately, this function is not compatible with Netflix. The contents of video with the best quality you can find currently are in the Ultra HD HDR format. High …

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Netflix already allows downloading of content to the SD officially


Playback of streaming content has revolutionized the video content in the network of networks, but having to put in a data connection, often prevents us from enjoying the same if we are not in a place with WiFi connection. Knows major online content subscription platforms and they are allowing the …

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Netflix for Android already allows downloading content


After all a year of continuous rumors about the possibility of that Netflix allowed to them users the download of content for these can be seen without the obligation of have that be connected to the network, finally this function is already a reality for them users of all the …

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