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The inventor of the lithium battery develops a more powerful

Almost sure that the name of John Goodenough sounds to few or none. But it is one of those anonymous people without whom the technology we know today would not be possible. This American born in Germany is responsible for the creation of the current batteries that we use. It …

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These are the 10 most watched music videos of You Tube history

After already 12 years of You Tube, a platform that was created by three ex-workers of Paypal between users, You Tube video-sharing in principle has become the most visited video platform in the short history of Internet. Is for this reason that the well-known and famous video platform for quite …

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The Nexus will also receive Google Assistant in an update

The Pixel have benefited during a few months of some exclusives to differentiate some of Nexus devices such as the 5 X Nexus and Nexus 6 p, two terminals well interesting and is worth get major upgrades on the same day that the first phone manufactured by the big G. …

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This Honor 6 X goes through a hard test of resistance

Click here to view the embedded video. A few weeks ago was presented new Honor mid-range phone. We talk about the honour 6 X, a terminal that has a design premium and a price really attractive: 249 euros. But the name Youtuber JerryRigEverything , famous for torturing all phones that …

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WhatsApp exceeds the figure of 1,200 million active users

If Instagram that you exited the map, WhatsApp could almost take a rocket and launch to space exploration that propulsion and special moment in a way in which it is located. In these days where is being accused by sharing information from users to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has taken its …

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