Monday , February 19 2018
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Google will not launch more Pixel desktops


Google has decided to manufacture and sell its laptop computer Pixel which, originally, was essential intended to stand up to the Apple MacBook Air line which, precisely, has also started its gradual disappearance. Rick Osterlohthe, senior Vice President of hardware Google, responded to a question about the future of the …

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Get buttons on screen of your Android without root Pixel


Pixbar is a new application with which you can have buttons that are in the device Pixel on the screen of your Android smartphone, and this without that you see have to root your phone. Pixbar is the last application developed by dunrite, the same developer of nowPaper, an app …

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Google Assistant can remember things in Allo, Pixel and Home

There is a very interesting battle between different virtual assistants, but as these are based on the relationship between machine-human, that capacity to engage a you to you that is the closest thing to the real thing, will allow distance as each other. Here is where Google Assistant gives the …

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The next Google Pixel will be water resistant


Perhaps certain rumors arising from one day to another good logical design are, since there are certain forgotten features on some phones that don’t understand because they were so. A clear case is Google Pixel which is left aside to have a resistance to water at the same time the …

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Chainfire can make ROOT to its Pixel


If there is something inherent in the system Android is the option to ROOT your phone or tablet. That is easier or more difficult depends on the pitfalls that the manufacturer put locking the bootloader, but let’s say that you do have access to the booloader, matter of time that …

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Google Pixel survives an hour under water


Click here to view the embedded video. One fervent criticism of Google Pixel is its limited capacity for resistance to water. Unlike most ships these days, Google Pixel has only IP53 certification, which means that you can “survive” drops of water falling from any angle. The only thing that happens …

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3 to 4 million are the Pixel expected to sell in 2016


Google Pixel has been released and since Tuesday has not stopped talking about this phone due to the repercussions that has for Android manufacturers, competitors such as Apple or the operating system itself, since you will have some exclusives that neither the Nexus will be available until you do not …

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