Monday , January 22 2018
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Maze Alpha, a new Android smartphone with extra thin frames


The last few months were pretty good for all fans to mobile phones with super thin frames thanks to the launch of devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Xiaomi my Mix. It now appears that other smartphone will be joining this trend. Maze is a Chinese company that prepares …

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This is what happens when dropped a MIX my Xiaomi


Increasingly there are more rumors about the possibility of Samsung to launch a S8 Galaxy without bevels with a ratio of display/volume reaching 90%. It is the company that started the trend of the screens edge, so you only have to bring that feature to the top of the phone …

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Xiaomi manufacture only 10,000 units of my MIX per month


Xiaomi Mi MIX has been applause from critics since it was presented earlier this week and some were lucky enough to get their hands on it to feel that is to have a smartphone that is practically a screen. A phone concept that has able to show that we we …

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